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inkling that such productive forces slumbered
\jathdnjhe wombs of ^s<^iat£d,JbabiQur,2.5)
" The wombs of associated labour ! " (Golly,
what a phrase !) The industrial revolution which
was a consequence of the mechanical revolution
is treated as the cause of it. Could facts be
muddled more completely ?
And again : cc . . . the bourgeois system is no
longer able to cope with the abundance of wealth
it creates. How does the bourgeoisie overcome
these crises ? On the one hand, by the compul-
sory annihilation of a quantity of the productive
forces ; on the other, by the conquest of new
markets and the more thorough exploitation of
old ones. With what results ? The results are
that the way is paved for more widespread and
more disastrous crises and that the capacity for
averting such crises is lessened.
" The weapons " (Weapons ! How that seden-
tary gentleman in his vast beard adored military
images !) " with which the bourgeoisie overthrew
feudalism are now being turned against the
bourgeoisie itself.
" But the bourgeoisie has not only forged the
weapons that will slay it; it has also engendered
the men who will use these weapons—the modern
workers, the proletarians."
And so here they are, hammer and sickle in